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Protection – Individuals & Corporate

Family protection is the very foundation of financial planning, and for most people it is, or should be their first priority.

There is a clear need for the breadwinners of a family to be covered against various ‘catastrophic’ circumstances which could reduce or eliminate the family’s ability to continue in the lifestyle it is accustomed to.

Finding the right Debt and Mortgage Protection / Life Assurance / Income Protection / Redundancy Cover is not easy and even harder is ensuring the benefits end up with the people they were designed to protect and not the tax man.

As Independent and Restricted Financial Advisers we are able to guide you through the whole protection market ensuring you receive the best value contracts available to meet your requirements and discussing the use of trusts to ensure the people you care most for benefit from the proceeds.

Please note that the plan will have no cash value at any time, and will cease at the end of the term. If premiums are not maintained then cover will lapse.